The Writer In Me

I say I am a writer. I have written on another blog and for school work. I have started several novels but could never finish them. The ideas come at me and keep my brain going. Sometimes, I can’t sleep because they just wont stop. This is my place to share my stories with the world. Also, my place to share my insights, thoughts, and ideas.


“We Fight Too Much.”

“We Fight Too Much.”.

I Admit to Neglecting Certain Things.

This blog has been seriously neglected. I have even have had a hard time keeping up with school work. I knew when I decided to write, I would ignore many things in my life. I didn’t realize that I would have inspiration at a time when I was busy with school and I have taking on the responsibility of child care for my grand-daughter again. Who would have known that my muse would be a 22 month old girl that had curly hair and a smile that would light up the world and does not understand what nap time is.

I always wanted to write “The Great Novel.” Instead, I have went a different route. From the time Anna was born, I have taking on the responsibility of making sure she was taught the basics. I admit that I want her to be smart. I want her to have all the opportunities available to her. Being poor, her mother and I are not able to afford a nice child care environment with trained educators. Nor are we able to afford to buy software and other items that are helpful in teaching her these things.

I have researched and created books for her since she was born. I never actually thought to write one to publish until this past week. As it is a children’s book (mostly), there are pictures and choices for review. Also, included is some hints to other untrained toddler educators out there. Please feel free to check it out on Amazon.

Fun with The Alphabet

The Day of Surgery (A Baby’s Story)

Anna’s Side Of The Story:


The day started out very strange. Mama and Momo would not let me have anything to drink or eat. Everyone else got dressed but we left with me in my pjs. I never go anywhere in my pjs.  We went to this strange place that I have never been before.


It was kinda like my doctor’s office but a little different. Mama and Momo was a bit stressed I could tell but they let me write with Momo’s pen while we sat with all the other people there.  Then this lady came and said my name.


After I stepped on a scale, we went into a little room with a bed and chair. The lady was talking to Mama. The next thing I know, Mama is putting a funny looking shirt on me and taking off my pjs. The lady came back and finally I got something to drink. They said was grape juice but it sure did taste funny.


Not long after drinking the juice, I started feeling really strange. Sort of like I had been turning circles with Mama for a long time. I wanted to play but Mama and Momo would not let me get down.  A strange man came in room and started talking to Mama and I thought he was nice at that time.


Before long, two ladies came and took me away from Mama and Momo. Not long after that the nice man, who turned out to be not so nice, put a mask on my face. I think I fell asleep. I woke up feeling really off. I wanted to get down and move around but nobody would let  me.  I think  I hit the nurse and Mama and Momo but I couldn’t say why. I just know I felt groggy, my nose and ears felt funny, and my throat hurt bad. Mama told me that my adenoids had been taking out and I had tubes put in my ears. Why they did that to me, I don’t know.  Even after we went home, I still felt strange. I couldn’t walk very good and kept falling over.

Adenoidectomy, Removal of Adenoids:

Apparently, Anna’s adenoids were enlarged and this could cause problems with breathing down the road. Also, this could have added to her frequent ear and nasal infections.

Tympanostomy  (P. E.) Tubes, Tubes inserted in ears to help fluid to drain:

Anna had a large amount of fluid build up behind her ear drums. This could be from the ear infections that it never seemed to go away. This causes hearing loss and could be why she has not seemed to hear us sometimes.

Momo’s Side of The Story:

All I know is, I am glad it is over and I just want to hold my sweet angel. She was so good before the surgery, even flirted with the anesthesiologist. After the surgery, she was so upset and grouchy. It has been 5 hours and she is still walking a little funny but doing good. (In Anna’s part of the story I had to assume how she felt about a few things)

What Is Going On In The World?

27 People Dead, Mostly Children, at Connecticut Elementary School Shooting – ABC News.

It seems like every time we turn around. Someone is shooting up a crowd.  I pull up my Facebook today and it covered with news on the shooting in Connecticut.  This just a few days after the shooting in Oregon.  I want to say to all the families of these and the many other tragedies that has happened this year. My heart goes out to you.

I tend to avoid news such as this on my blog. I figure there is many other places for you to hear about these tragedies. However, today all I could think of was my girls as I heard about these children. I can’t imagine what it ids like for their families.  The whys doesn’t seem to matter. Who is to blame doesn’t seem to matter. The actions are just horrifying.

I Think I Am Hungry.

Not only do I have a screw loose, I can't find the screwdriverScatterbrained, ditzy, a bit confused, absentminded. All of these words have been used to describe me. I wish I could say it was age. However, unfortunately I have been a bit distracted most of my life. It just seems to be getting worse with age.

The thing is I am a smart person, not bragging (ok a little). I just tend to have so much on my mind that I forget things like how long it has been since I ate.  For school and anything important, I am good if I use checklist that I lay our for myself. I love Microsoft OneNote for helping me keep up with that. However, for the little every day things I tend to lose focus or I get caught up in something and overlook them. I wonder if other people have this issue or is it just me.

Do You Believe in Angels?

Grand children are angels.

Everyone should have a grand child.

I don’t make it a secret that I am not a religious person. I don’t believe in religion. In my opinion, religions tend to become exclusive. If you are not of the religion, you are bad, evil, or doomed. I can’t imagine a “God” creating people just to throw them away because of an opinion. However, I am not a complete non believer. There are things in the universe that can’t be explained.I believe in miracles and angels.

Miracles are all around us if we just take the time to look. Any woman who has had a baby and held it in her arms for the first time understands a miracle. A tree growing to the sky from a tiny seed is pure miraculous. There are countless medical miracle stories in the world. We see and hear about miracles all the time. Some of us are too jaded to understand the miracle but they are there all the same.

There are many true angels in the world. There is constant stories about animals saving people in some miraculous way. Also, people have been known to be angels in other’s lives either in life or death or just in the everyday. For me, my family is full of angels. As I discussed in my post  Will The Cycle Never End, my daughter saved my life by inspiring me to leave an abusive relationship. I call my grand-daughter, my angel, all the time. She and her mother constantly remind me of what is important in the world. Without them, I would be less of a person. If that isn’t an angel, I don’t know what is. The picture I posted says Grand Children are angels. However, I believe that every person in the world has some form of angel inside them. It is up to that person to allow that part of them to shine.

I don’t believe in religion. I do believe in the goodness of people and nature. I believe in love and hope. I believe that every person, animal (even snakes), and plant has in them the miracle of life and can be an angel when they are needed.  I believe in you and me.

Does The Simple Things Get You Down?

When all else fails, read the instructions.

Am I in over my head? For most of my life, I had no self confidence and I never felt like I was good enough. In the past few years, I have tried very hard to look at my good qualities. I am smart, even it I sometimes lack common sense. I am not physically strong, but I have mental and emotional, usually, strength. I can read anything and usually comprehend it. Sometimes I revert back to that girl that can’t seem to do anything. Every term, something happens, usually it is something simple, that causes me to be that girl.

Usually, it doesn’t take me long to get the hang of whatever it is I am learning and I even enjoy it. Yesterday, I started a new term. This one is all technical. Foundations of IT and Foundations of Programming Using Visual Basic. I have been very excited about both courses, especially Visual Basic. Of course for that course, I have to have Visual Studio 2010. I seemed to be rolling along nicely on this term, reading the chapters in the etextbooks for both classes and was understanding most of everything.

I quickly found the program and downloaded it as soon as I knew what version I needed. Then it happened. I could not get the program to work. I kept thinking to myself, I can do this. However, nothing I tried seemed to work. Nearly in tears, I called my sister. I knew she would remind me that I am “smart” and I can do this. I finally decided to walk away. All day, I am in over my head kept playing in my mind over and over. If I can’t even get the program to work, then what business do I have being a IT student. I decided I would have to call tech support today, something I am proud of not having to do yet.

I couldn’t sleep last night. No surprise there. However, I kept thinking about this situation. I grabbed my laptop and glanced at my receipt. Oh, it had instructions. “Instructions: Burning the .ISO/.IMG file onto a disc.” Duh, no wonder it couldn’t work. Now I am not one to say duh often but reading instructions, especially when it is only one simple statement, is kind of obvious.

There are times when frustration gets the better of us. We tend to let it undermine our abilities and self confidence. During those times, you should not let it get you down. Walk away, re read your paperwork. or even find that one person that will boost your ego (Thanks, Tammy, my sister and ego booster). It usually is something simple, like reading instructions, that has tripped you up.