Do You Believe In Santa Claus?

Believe in Santa Clause.

Believe In Something.

December means Christmas in my family and my part of the world.  It is of course a Christian holiday to celebrate the Birth of Jesus. It is said to be about the spirit of giving and love and peace.  I am not a religious person but I still celebrate this holiday because I do understand the meaning.  My grand-daughter, at almost 2, understand a little about Christmas, at least the presents part. She cries if I say she is being naughty. She loves the tree and the decorations. She enjoyed the Christmas movies we found for her to watch.

“Santa” comes and brings the “good” boys and girls lots of presents that cost a fortune. Some families go in debt this time of year to give their children what they want while other families go without. Luckily, My daughter and I was smart and started early. Santa will be good to my grand-daughter this year. Of course, not as good as some will get but she will be happy.

Peace seems to have gotten lost in the shopping and the drunken family gatherings. I refuse to go to Wal-Mart in December. The last time I did, I got run over by a little old lady in cart for the last Nilla Waffers box. Luckily, my daughter loves to shop and I can trick her into doing this for me. As for the parties, there is no escape. I have a fear of crowds and spend most of these in corners but once they are over, my mom and the kids had fun and that is the most important thing right.

Of course, during this season more and more people are charitable and give. There are toy drives and food baskets giving out in abundance. I remember when my daughter was little and I was one of those parent’s unable to afford to buy my daughter much. The Livingston Parish Sheriffs Dept brought over a big box of toys for my little girl. It even had the go to gift of the year, The Tickle Me Elmo. I cried for hours. I will never forget the look on my daughter’s face that year, all she asked for was a Barbie Doll. I had bought that for her. That was the year I come to believe in Santa Claus, or the spirit of him, again.


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