Pictures With Santa

Dear Santa I am a good girl most um some of the time. Does that count?Waking up today, we all decided it was time for pictures with Santa. Since Bass Pro Shop  is offering “free” pictures, this is where we decided to go. I wanted to be there as this is the first year that my grand-daughter, Anna, would understand any of it. As it wasn’t Wal-Mart, I figured I would be safe going even though the crowds of Christmas tend to give me panic attacks.

We dressed as quickly as 3 girls can and took off. I knew I made a mistake as soon as we pulled in to the parking lot. Twenty minutes later, we found a parking spot and went in. My daughter, Brittany, went to set up a time to take the picture at noon, an hour and a half from then.

The place is huge. I had never been there and might enjoy going back when it isn’t so crowded. Anna and Brittany both seemed to enjoy looking at all the sights and window shopping.  I just tried to stay as far away from crowds as possible. We tried some fudge, took some pictures and watched the toy train. Then it was time to get in line.

The line flowed very smoothly and soon it was time to get on Santa’s lap. The entire time in line Anna had a big smile on her face. Of course, that changed when Mama put on her on a strange man’s lap and walked away but luckily her cry actually looked sorta like a smile. We had decided before we left the house how much we would be willing to spend to get extra pictures and got the smallest package.

I didn’t have a panic attack, though it was close at times. Anna loved looking at the stuffed animals, the fish, the train, and so much more. Brittany, who is a complete redneck, was in heaven. I talked Brittany out of the $50 pink camo purse. All in all, it was a good day.


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  1. Have added you new site to my blog roll as well. Xx

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