I Admit to Neglecting Certain Things.

This blog has been seriously neglected. I have even have had a hard time keeping up with school work. I knew when I decided to write, I would ignore many things in my life. I didn’t realize that I would have inspiration at a time when I was busy with school and I have taking on the responsibility of child care for my grand-daughter again. Who would have known that my muse would be a 22 month old girl that had curly hair and a smile that would light up the world and does not understand what nap time is.

I always wanted to write “The Great Novel.” Instead, I have went a different route. From the time Anna was born, I have taking on the responsibility of making sure she was taught the basics. I admit that I want her to be smart. I want her to have all the opportunities available to her. Being poor, her mother and I are not able to afford a nice child care environment with trained educators. Nor are we able to afford to buy software and other items that are helpful in teaching her these things.

I have researched and created books for her since she was born. I never actually thought to write one to publish until this past week. As it is a children’s book (mostly), there are pictures and choices for review. Also, included is some hints to other untrained toddler educators out there. Please feel free to check it out on Amazon.

Fun with The Alphabet


One response to “I Admit to Neglecting Certain Things.

  1. Susan, you are certainly not neglecting your daughter. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have money for a lot of fancy-ass teaching equipment; I grew up middle class but so long ago we only had three TV channels and they were all black & white. (Yes really! That’s what it was like in the olden days. 😉 My parents wanted me to grow up smart too so they bought me books (hey, you write them! You can also get them cheaper at used book stores) and my father bought me an alphabet board when I was maybe two years old. It was a big metallic board with colourful letter & number magnets and he made a game out of teaching me my ABCs. He also taught me how to spell my own name (including the middle name, a difficult long French name!) and some basic words like cat and dog. So, I knew my ABCs – *and* to count to 100 – before I was in kindergarten.

    My parents read to me when I was little and instilled a love of reading that I have to this day. Don’t know if that encouraged my writing talents but I remember being frustrated as a kid because I had stories I wanted to write down but couldn’t because I was, well, functionally illiterate. 😉 You can teach your daughter about the world, take her to museums and zoos if you can afford them (I know they’re a lot more expensive than they used to be, but sometimes there are discount nights that help) and just encourage her to ask questions. Abraham Lincoln grew up with a lot less than all that and look what happened to *him* (er, I mean before that unfortunate night at the theatre).

    When Mademoiselle is in school maybe you’ll have more time to write the GAN (Great American Novel) 😉

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