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The dreams I have when I finally sleep that just wont leave my head.

I Admit to Neglecting Certain Things.

This blog has been seriously neglected. I have even have had a hard time keeping up with school work. I knew when I decided to write, I would ignore many things in my life. I didn’t realize that I would have inspiration at a time when I was busy with school and I have taking on the responsibility of child care for my grand-daughter again. Who would have known that my muse would be a 22 month old girl that had curly hair and a smile that would light up the world and does not understand what nap time is.

I always wanted to write “The Great Novel.” Instead, I have went a different route. From the time Anna was born, I have taking on the responsibility of making sure she was taught the basics. I admit that I want her to be smart. I want her to have all the opportunities available to her. Being poor, her mother and I are not able to afford a nice child care environment with trained educators. Nor are we able to afford to buy software and other items that are helpful in teaching her these things.

I have researched and created books for her since she was born. I never actually thought to write one to publish until this past week. As it is a children’s book (mostly), there are pictures and choices for review. Also, included is some hints to other untrained toddler educators out there. Please feel free to check it out on Amazon.

Fun with The Alphabet


Am I Awake?

What if it wasn't a dream?

Waking up, I looked at the clock. 3:30PM is the time it showed. I must have fallen asleep on the couch. After a trip to the bathroom, I quickly cut up potatoes for dinner, started the chicken baking, and washed up the dishes. I turned on a TV show for background noise, as I folded that load of clothes in the dryer. Something odd caught my eye in my peripheral vision. I turned my head to see what it was and then I woke up.

Laying on the couch, it’s happened again. Oh well! Not sure if I was awake or asleep. I went back to the bathroom then started on dinner again. Brittany and Anna came home and I picked up Anna for a kiss. I wondered why they home so early and woke up again.

After about 6 times waking up, 4 times starting the chicken and cutting up potatoes, and 3 times having a tickle fight with Anna. I think I finally woke up for good. I looked at the clock for the last time and it said 1:30PM so I must not have been asleep for very long. I laid down at about 1. I am wore out.

For as long as I can remember, I have had dreams like this. Dreams about the normal everyday and waking up over and over. I am unsure if this is normal or if it says something about my sub conscious. All I know, is they wear me out and give me a headache. For about 24 hours after, I am unsure if I am dreaming or if I am awake.

However, that does make me wonder if any of it is real. Is life one big dream?