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I Think I Am Hungry.

Not only do I have a screw loose, I can't find the screwdriverScatterbrained, ditzy, a bit confused, absentminded. All of these words have been used to describe me. I wish I could say it was age. However, unfortunately I have been a bit distracted most of my life. It just seems to be getting worse with age.

The thing is I am a smart person, not bragging (ok a little). I just tend to have so much on my mind that I forget things like how long it has been since I ate.  For school and anything important, I am good if I use checklist that I lay our for myself. I love Microsoft OneNote for helping me keep up with that. However, for the little every day things I tend to lose focus or I get caught up in something and overlook them. I wonder if other people have this issue or is it just me.