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Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones but your words could break my heart.

“She is lazy, refuses to grow up, and never will have anything. She is a daydreamer. And what is with the computer, she is always on it when she should be looking for job.”

In truth, I admit I would rather sit than stand. I sleep late at times, when I can sleep. My mind never stops, you see. Always, there is something going on it and insomnia is a part of my life. There are times I wish I could stop “daydreaming.”

What is grown up anyway? Does anyone know? Is a job required? I realize a job is important, a goal in life. That is one reason why I am in school. I work hard enough at that to maintain a 4.0. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking for a job but I am mature enough to realize that when you are looking for job it is best to be honest about hours you can work, daycare is only open so many hours, and what you can do, I am not old but not young either. While it may take longer to find a job, you do want to be able to keep it when you get it.

As for the computer, I do admit I have some fun at the computer. I write on my blog. I even have been known to check out a few free dating sites, still haven’t found one that isn’t mostly about sex. Of course, I also go to school on the computer and for IT. I look for jobs on the computer.

Never have anything? But I already have so much, I have a daughter and a grand daughter. I have my mind, that annoys me but is a pretty good mind. I have a sister, that is sometimes my best friend and sometimes my rival. I have a mother and a Dad, even if they don’t get me and they can make me mad, I still have them there and I am happy for it. I don’t have a fancy car, in fact, I owe my Dad about 3 grand for helping me and my daughter get a car. I don’t own my own home. My daughter and I rent a adorable, small 2 bedroom trailer in a nice little trailer park. It’s home to us, that is all that matters. I have so much that money will never buy.

All the things in the first paragraph could be said about me but I am so much more than that. People need to stop before they speak because their words have impact on a person. Sticks and stones may break my bones but your words could break my heart.

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The Writer In Me

I say I am a writer. I have written on another blog and for school work. I have started several novels but could never finish them. The ideas come at me and keep my brain going. Sometimes, I can’t sleep because they just wont stop. This is my place to share my stories with the world. Also, my place to share my insights, thoughts, and ideas.